Fitness for Duty Program Template

The federal government’s legalization of recreational cannabis on October 17, 2018 has highlighted the issue of workplace impairment. Workplaces must now understand and prepare to deal with the possible workplace hazards posed by impairment arising from substance use, including cannabis.

Our Fitness for Duty and Substance Abuse Program is much more than a policy. It is a program by which your company can live by. It ensures that your company is compliant with the regulations while also ensuring that the work conducted by your company continues to be unimpaired. It addresses the following:

  • The use of substances (including alcohol, cannibis and medically prescribed drugs); and the related stress and fatigue
  • The duties of the employer, management, supervisors and employees
  • Testing and the methodology used for testing
  • Accommodations and support
  • Fitness for Duty Certifications for the Employee and for Independent Contractors

Once you purchase this program, the link to the program template will be available once you check out and also will be emailed to you.  

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Workplace Fitness for Duty and Substance Abuse Program

Sku: OHS-A-5A

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