FINAL SALE. There are no returns or credits on this item. 

This mask is made in Canada.  We use copper fibers, which are known to have bacteria fighting properties in the manufacturing of this mask.

  • These disposable, lightweight, reusable masks protect against non-toxic dust, contaminants, and fluids
  • They come with convenient ear loops
  • Lifespan of this mask is approximately 50 washes.  After 50 washes, the mask will be less effective.
  • Made by Calko Group
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Certification BFE > 84,5%
  • 2 masks/bag


  1. Wash your hands
  2. Place the mask on our face, covering the mouth and nose.  Pull the bottom strap back towards the top of your head, next to the other strap so that the mask fits well
  3. Avoid touching the mask once it is in place
  4. If the mask is damp, remove it and replace with a new mask
  5. Wash the mask in a regular cycle in the washing machine

Reusable Masks


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