The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag® is one of the primary components of the QuikClot® Large Event Response Kit. This bag is integral for responding to a range of bleeding situations. Its innovative design also allows it to function in a stand-alone capacity or as part of an overall bleeding control program. Contents can treat up to 18 injuries.

In numerous independent studies, QuikClot products have demonstrated improved time to hemostasis and ability to maintain a robust clot during movement. They work fast by clotting within minutes and are less expensive than protein-based products, with a rapid effectiveness that may reduce the need for more expensive treatments.  There are no exothermic reactions, no human or animal proteins, no thrombin, fibrinogen or shellfish products making QuikClot products a safe alternative to other options. Intuitive to use, similar to standard gauze,  QuikClot gauze conforms readily to the wound site and will not break down or fall apart under pressure.

The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag® (BCB) includes:

  • QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE
  • QuikClot® EMS 4x4 Dressings
  • QuikClot® EMS Rolled Gauze
  • Tourniquets, C-A-T™ (Item #547), SOF™TT-W (Item #548)
  • Dressing, TacMed Control™ Wrap
  • Gloves, nitrile
  • Shears, EMS-style

Quikclot Bleeding Control Bag


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