The PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer PLUS Kit comes with a Language Module, 1 set of Adult/Child Training Pads with Pad Sensing System, Pads Storage Case, AED Trainer PLUS Remote Control, Carry Bag and Instructions.

The PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer PLUS is a leading-edge AED Trainer that most closely resembles brand AED Trainers in size and weight for a realistic training experience. This AED trainer features customizable options to match various training environments, including a child button. For use with patented PRESTAN Pad Sensing System

Clear, confident voice prompts with optional CPR prompts to help the student keep pace with chest compressions.

Easy to replace module containing current CPR guidelines and two languages. Comes standard with English/Spanish or English/French language option.

A remote is optional and available for instructors who prefer this feature. A single remote will control several AED Trainers within its range.



PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer PLUS Kit

Sku: PP-AEDT2-KIT-101

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