Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust Manikin

Sku: PJ-AM-1

  • Realistic looking and performing manikin is more acceptable to both instructors and students 
  • Far easier and faster to carry and setup at training sites
  • Easily inserted face-shield/lung-bag provides visual chest rise to ensure students receive the most accurate and realistic training
  • Face shield is secured so it won't slip
  • Patented face/head tilt with jaw thrust simulates how an actual victim's head would move if he required CPR and teaches students how to properly open the airway and perform a jaw thrust
  • Located in the shoulder is a CPR Rate Monitor that provides instant visual feedback on compression rates - students know they are at the correct compression rate when two green lights illuminate
  • The unique Clicker Mechanism provides an audible confirmation when the correct compression depth is reached, guiding to the appropriate force when administering CPR compressions.
  • Prestan Manikins are latex free

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