The 5400 Air Purifying Mask's lightweight design (only 14 oz) offers a high level of comfort. The facepiece seal is made from a soft, pliable elastomer material which is not only comfortable but also highly resistant to chemicals.

The 5400 Air Purifying Respirator offers a high degree of comfort at an excellent price.

  • The oral nasal cup reduces fogging and lessens dead air space, limiting the re-breathing of exhaled air.
  • The chin cups helps to position the facepiece correctly.
  • The hard-coated polycarbonate lens gives over 200 degrees field of vision with excellent optics. It has a scratch resistant surface and meets ANSI standards for impact/penetration resistance.
Note: Cartridges are sold separately.



North 54001 Full Facepiece

Sku: FMR54-S

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