Skin Closures:

  • Advanced technology
  • Made of porous, non-woven rayon material
  • Allow skin to breathe
  • Reinforced with filaments to provide extra strength
  • For use as a skin closure device for lacerations and surgical incisions
  • For use with or without skin sutures (stitches) or staples
  • Provides additional support after the removal of sutures or staples
  • Latex-free 

The Wound Closure System: 

  • Combines Steri-Strip reinforced skin closures and Tegaderm transparent dressings to promote faster, safer healing
  • Water-resistant barrier protects against outside contamination from liquids and bacteria
  • Permeable fibres allow oxygen and moisture vapour transmission to encourage healing
  • Tegaderm dressings conform and stretch, allowing free movement
  • May be worn for up to 7 days without requiring a dressing change
  • Latex-free



Nexcare Steri-Strips


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