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LS-400 Plug Depot

Sku: PHLS400

The Leight® Source earplug dispenser offers economical, easy access to earplugs in any jobsite. It is ideal for placement at a shop door or cafeteria, where workers can access a new pair as they re-enter their workspace. Unit shows fitting instructions for proper insertion of roll-down and no-roll foam earplugs.  This durable plastic hearing protection source is ideal for small workshops or work spaces. It can mount to the wall or stand as a table-top dispenser with balanced footing.

The Leight® Source 400 holds 400 pairs of Max®, Max Lite® or Laser Lite® single-use earplugs and comes with a catch basin to prevent earplugs from falling to the ground. As a tabletop or wall-mount dispenser, it provides user-friendly dispensing - simply give one twist of the spout to release.

  • Durable
  • Economical Choice
  • Ear plugs are not included

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