Clutch Gear Mechanics Gloves


Clutch Gear® mechanics gloves bring together some of the best materials available today, for a high-functioning, form-fitting glove like no other.  It has great dexterity and touch sensitivity.

Synthetic leather offers more dexterity than natural leather as it can be made thinner and still keep its tensile strength. It also performs well in wet conditions, taking far less time to dry than leather and stays supple after drying. Synthetic leather wraps over fingertips to displace seams from traditional wear areas.  Light, breathable forchette inserts (between fingers) for better flexibility and comfort

The thumb crotch features a reinforced performance patch to reduce wear in this critical area and prolong the lifespan of the glove.

Neoprene padded knuckles protect the back of the hand against knocks and scrapes and hook and loop closure tab at the back of the wrist provides a snug, adjustable fit.

Comes with an ID label to personalize your gloves and prevent loss.

  • Mechanics
  • Assembly work
  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Parts Handling
  • Forklift drivers
  • Agriculture
  • Truck Drivers

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