GelPro Elite Anti-Fatigue Mat

Sku: E109-23-2036-4

The GelPro Elite Anti-Fatigue Mats by Lets Gel provide a superior cushioning for those who choose to work without footwear. The 0.75" thick patented Dual Comfort Core combines a top layer of soothing gel with the support of a bottom layer of energy-return foam. The gel "flows", gently conforming to the contours of the feet, making the GelPro Elite Anti-Fatigue mats especially well-suited for those who are working without footwear. The lower layer of energy return foam provides additional cushioning and acts as a shock-absorber for impacts greater than what the gel can absorb on its own. This combination of materials creates a product with excellent anti-fatigue properties, able to significantly reduce joint stress, fatigue, and discomfort from standing. This makes the GelPro Elite Mats a good choice for those experiencing a wide range of back, leg, or foot related discomfort.

The GelPro mats feature beveled and non-curling reinforced contoured edges with softly rounded corners, eliminating potential tripping hazards. The underside is a certified non-slip material which further enhances the safety.

Unlike many other anti-fatigue mats, the surfaces of the GelPro Elite Anti-Fatigue Mats are textured for additional comfort, providing a surface with greater breathability than most and are available in multiple textures and colours. The textured and coloured surfaces combine to create an anti-fatigue mat with aesthetics which make it as suitable at home as it is in the office.

Note: Footwear eliminates the natural contours of the feet, presenting a uniform flat surface to the mat. This prevents the gel from "flowing" to match the natural shape of the feet. The result is that users in footwear may find that the gel layer feels "squishy" and creates a floating effect which they may not appreciate. Those who intend to use their mat primarily when wearing footwear might want to consider the NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats as their option.

Technical Specifications

  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Package Contents: GelPro Elite Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Dimensions are 50 x 90 x 1.9cm (20 x 36 x .75")

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