Communications Cable


G3 Plus USB Serial Adapter Cable

USB adaptor cable for use with Powerheart® G3, G3 Plus, and G3 Pro serial communications cables. Converts serial connection to a USB connection to your PC. Comes with Software driver and manuals. Works with Windows and Mac.

G3 Pro AED Infrared Serial Communications Cable

Powerheart  G3 Pro AED infrared serial communication cable allows data transfer between AED to your computer.  Note: One cable provided with Powerheart G3 Pro AED at time of purchase. Cable can be adapted to become compatible with USB ports via p/n 9171-001.

G5 Data Cable. USB (A-to-A)

Powerheart G5 USB (A-to-A) communication cable for data exchange and configuration of your Powerheart G5 via PC. Note: One cable provided with Powerheart G5 at time of purchase.

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