• Designed for EMS and disaster response
  • Equipped with (8) separate handholds for ease of patient movement
  • Can be used as a stretcher for the carrying and maneuvering patients during any emergency situation
  • Flexible and convenient for tight manoeuvering
  • Fits easily into a 8x10" container for easy access
  • Flexible backboard cover and strapping support system
  • Flexible patient transfer system to move the patient from the backboard to the hospital gurney or from the bed to a chair
  • Flexible gurney sheet
  • Flexible search and rescue gurney
  • Patient evacuation system
  • Has a 500lb load capacity
  • Features (10) large hand holds which allow for easy patient handling and ease of product use
  • Lowest cost Emergency Stretcher available today
  • Water resistant coated woven polyethylene provides strength and durability
  • Stretcher size with handles is 35”x71”
  • Latex free

Flexible Stretcher


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