The Flash Flood® delivers Eyesaline® solution from a 4L (1 gallon) cartridge (included in the purchase of a eyewash station). When the cartridge is inserted in the base unit, the cartridge seal is broken and the Flash Flood® is ready to deliver eyewash solution for three minutes at a rate of 1.32L per minute. This unit can be mounted on the wall. Cartridge replacement is quick and easy. The Flash Flood delivery system offers immediate, hands-free eye flushing, and is portable to meet the needs of changing work-place hazards. Removing the pull strap easily activates the system, while dual nozzles provide flushing to both eyes simultaneously. When activated, Flash Flood delivers Eyesaline solution for three minutes.

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Features and Benefits of the Flash Flood Station:

  • Comes with a 4L (1 gallon) solution cartridge.
  • Self-contained/ no plumbing: The Flash Flood has easy installation with no plumbing required. It can be easily and affordably placed near most workplace hazards.
  • Quick-change cartridges: The one gallon cartridges deliver purified, contaminant-free, physiologically correct Eyesaline solution from one-gallon, factory-sealed cartridges. Cartridges are easy to store and offer fast changes without mixing or measuring. The unique cartridge design delivers Eyesaline — a preserved, buffered, saline solution superior to tap water for emergency eye care. The low-maintenance Flash Flood cartridges remain sealed until activated. Cartridges have a 30 month* shelf life— lasting longer than many self-contained eye wash stations. When the cartridge is inserted into the base, the safety seal is broken and the Flash Flood is ready to deliver eyewash solution for up to six months. The cartridges come in cases of 4 cartridges and are 12" x 10" x 12.5" and weigh 38 lbs.
  • High Visibility: The Flash Flood has a highly visible green color provides easy identification in an emergency situation.
  • Dual Nozzles: These dual nozzles provide simultaneous flushing to both eyes.
  • Lightweight and portable: This highly portable system may be easily wall mounted.
  • Easy to use nozzle strap: The simple strap design is easily removed for hands-free flushing, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open.
  • Wire Racks are available for simple storage. The rack holds four, one-gallon cartridges, allowing multiple cartridges to be stored in immediate vicinity of Flash Flood. The rack dimensions are 11" x 17" x 10" and it weighs 3 lbs.
  • Illustrated operating instructions: The easy to use design features simple, highly visible operating instructions.

*Shelf life of the cartridge is determined by date of manufacture. Always check the product expiration date. The Flash Flood unit can be mounted on the wall. Cartridge replacement is quick and easy and cartridges should be replaced after unit is actuated or once every 6 months.

Shipping dimensions are 40cm x 33cm x 28cm (15" x 13" x 11") and weight is 6.4kg (14lbs) for the Flash Flood Station.

Note: Does not fulfill ANSI Z358.1 requirements.


Flash Flood Station

Sku: FESFF-Stn

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