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The EZ-RYZE MATRIX Footrest from Mey Chair Systems offers virtually effortless adjustment while providing optimal support for the feet. Unlike comparable footrests, this robustly built model (and companion ARC and SOLO models) can easily be adjusted with a single foot. Users can access the release button with the heel, engaging the gas spring to gently raise or lower the platform to any point between 4.3" and 12.6" high. The non-locking platform tilts freely between 0° and 30°, encouraging flexing of the feet and ankles during use. A matrix of non-slip bumps on the 16.5" wide by 12.6" deep ABS plastic platform offers comfort and a massaging effect for the feet. The sturdy steel frame and base provide a wide stance for stability and support; the base is equipped with large rubber feet for secure positioning. 

Ergonomic Benefits
Eliminates Strain when Adjusting Height - EZ-RYZE footrests are noticeably easier to adjust than other footrests with similar capabilities. The simple button release and gas spring enable users to adjust the height of the platform with a single foot and with minimal exertion.

Reduces Strain on the Foot and Ankle - Many office workers sit with one foot forward of the other, putting the foot into a position called plantarflexion. Plantarflexion shortens the muscles of the backs of the legs. Over time, sustained plantarflexion can cause the calf muscles to become tight and stiff which, in turn, can lead to a range of uncomfortable symptoms in the foot. The non-locking platform on the EZ-RYZE MATRIX permits users to flex the ankle joint easily back and forth. This healthy movement at the joint can reduce strain caused by sustained plantarflexion, or sustained dorsiflexion. The frequent small movements also promote better circulation, helping to reduce the risk of blood clots and varicose veins.

Improves Upper Body Posture - The EZ-RYZE MATRIX Footrest provides users with a stable and supportive surface that encourages them to correctly utilize the back of their chair rather than "perching" on the front edge of their seat. This improved posture can reduce the risk of upper back, shoulder and neck pain. The movement range of the EZ-RYZE MATRIX ensures that even those of shorter stature can reap these benefits.


  • Gas Spring: The EZ-RYZE MATRIX Footrest employs a gas spring for smooth and quiet adjustment with minimal physical effort.
  • A "gas spring" uses gas contained in a cylinder and compressed by a piston to exert a force pneumatically. Common applications include height adjustment in footrests (as in this description), as well as office chairs and premium monitor arms.
  • Wide Range of Height Adjustment: The wide range of vertical adjustment offered by the EZ-RYZE MATRIX makes it well-suited for most users, even shorter individuals.
  • Non-Locking, Tilting Platform: Encourages movement at the ankles and promotes circulation throughout the work day.
  • Single Foot Adjustment: Users can perform height adjustments with just a single foot, minimizing the impact on workflow by eliminating awkward reaching under the desk.
  • Large Platform: The large 16.5" x 12.6" surface on the EZ-RYZE MATRIX provides sufficient surface for larger feet.
  • Textured, Comfort Surface: Raised non-slip bumps on the EZ-RYZE MATRIX Footrest aid in maintaining foot position and can provide a massaging effect for feet.
  • Robust Construction: The EZ-RYZE MATRIX Footrest features a heavy-duty steel frame that will last for many years. The foot platform is formed from strong ABS Plastic.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustment Range: 4.3" - 12.6" (11 cm - 32 cm)
  • Angle Adjustment: 0° - 30°, Non-Locking
  • Foot Platform Dimensions: 16.5" W x 12.6" D (42 cm x 32 cm)
  • Base Dimensions: 19.7" W x 14.2" D(50 x 36 cm)
  • Weight: 13.4 lbs (6.1 kgs)
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Package Contents: EZ-RYZE MATRIX Footrest, Usage Guide

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