Sqwincher replaces electrolytes in heat stress situations.  It comes in a variety of convenient options such as liquid concentrates or powder packs as well as in several delicious flavours.  

The powder pack comes in cases of 16 packages and the flavors include lemon-lime, orange and fruit punch.  Each package yields 19 litres (5 gallons).  

The liquid concentrate comes in cases and the flavours include lemonade, lemon-lime, orange, fruit punch, tropical cooler and grape.

  • 950 ml (32 oz) bottles (12/case).  The yield per bottle is 9.5 litres (2.5 gallons)
  • 1.89 litre (64 oz) bottles (6/case).  The yield per bottle is 19 litres (5 gallons)
Preventing Heat Stress
  • Adjust work schedule, if possible, to cooler part of day
  • Monitor workload
  • Establish scheduled breaks
  • Train workers to recognize signs & symptoms of heat stress disorders
  • Acclimate employees to hot environments
  • Wear light coloured, loose clothing
  • Use Cooling Apparel
  • Use adequate fans for ventilation and cooling
  • Avoid alcohol & caffeine
  • Diet - Eat a light lunch & educate employees about importance of maintaining a well balanced diet
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and to replace electrolytes & fluids lost due to perspiration

Electrolyte Drinks


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