CPR Rescue Aids

Sku: IRA-K

CPR Prompt Aids are compact, portable units that prompt trained rescuers through the proper procedures and sequences of CPR in real time. They can be used as training aids and emergency response aids. These devices are especially important since the retention of CPR skills and knowledge among laypersons and professionals was identified as a major issue at the 1992 conference of the American Heart Association Emergency Cardiac Care committee. More recent studies have shown that retention of CPR instructions tends to deteriorate as early as 3 months after training, even among the highly trained, and especially for layperson rescuers who, unlike professionals, may never have been tested by a real emergency. Stress during an actual emergency can further debilitate the rescuer's memory. Our CPR Prompt Aids are designed to assist the rescuer during emergencies and high stress events.

The CPR Prompt Aids help rescuers recall and build confidence in emergencies. They allows for easy and accurate refreshing of skills. The audible prompts cover rescue breathing, chest compressions and choking first aid in real time, all in a calm confident voice. Both devices meet AHA guidelines for CPR.


CPR200 Keychain

The CPR200 Keychain offers lifesaving confidence in the palm of your hand. It is a Pocket/Keychain Version and runs on 3 AAAA batteries (included). Sized at 5/8"W x 3 3/8"L x 1/2"D and .236 lb, it offers 3 Age categories (infant, child and adult) and 1-Person CPR.


CPR300 RescueAid

The CPR 300 RescueAid runs on 2 9-volt batteries. It covers 3 Age categories (infant, child and adult) and includes a wall mount.



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