Preparedness begins with training and extends beyond the classroom with this rugged, comprehensive, and interactive First Aid & CPR cognitive feedback tool. Just four minutes in a medical emergency can mean the difference between life and death. The Emergency Instruction Device (EID) is a life saving, affordable training device that allows rescuers to train anytime and decrease fear and panic.

The EID is designed to effectively coach users on First Aid & CPR from start to finish. In the event of an emergency, this simple, easy-to-use touch pad gives directions in English or Spanish on how to respond quickly and accurately. Be prepared in the event of a sudden emergency with minimal first aid training or experience.

The award-winning EID keeps rescuers focused on accepted first aid and CPR protocols in order to treat the injured person in a safe manner. The device speaks out loud and has visible instructions on the embedded LCD screen, asking questions about the extent of the injury. The yes/no buttons are used to answer. Depending on the severity of the situation, the EID continues to ask questions until it understands the situation and can accurately give instruction on how to proceed and further treat the injured person.

The EID is sold alone or comes with the Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) System in a backpack or rugged hard case. These SET kits are recommended for areas where 911 assistance will take over 10 minutes to arrive; improving the retention of first aid skills; reviewing accepted first aid and homeland security protocols.   The SET System is designed to be tamper evident sealed for knowing it is ready to run.

Both the Backpack Responder Set and the Rugged Responder Hard Case Set comes with the following First Aid packs:

  • Bleeding/Shock/Childbirth Pack
  • Bone/Sprain Pack
  • Burns/Electrical Pack
  • CPR/Drowning/ Choking Pack
  • Eye Pack
  • Head/Neck/Spine Pack
  • Heart/Chest Pain/Stroke Pack
  • Heat/Cold/Overexertion Pack
  • Multiple Injury Pack
  • Other Injury Pack
  • Seizure/Diabetic Pack

Backpack Responder Bag

  • This kit is a technology driven first responder kit that is an ergonomic backpack
  • Icons match the prepackaged first aid supplies organized into seven modular nylon bags.
  • The backpack has a front pocket for an AED (clear window) and extra side pockets.
  • Ergonomic, easy to carry and easy to use.
  • Durable cordura construction with double zipper closures.

Rugged Responder Hard Case

  • This kit is a technology driven first responder kit that is a lifetime guaranteed customized Pelican case that contains the patented state-of-the-art Emergency Instruction Device with icons that match prepackaged first aid supplies organized into seven modular nylon bags.
  • Lifetime guarantee on Pelican case. 
  • Dust proof. Water proof. Crush proof.

Military Grade Backpack

  • Heavy duty military grade backpack
  • Black and blue duffle bag style

Emergency Instruction Device Accessories

Sku: FVEID-Bracket

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