• Full Body Harness
  • Single Dorsal D-ring
  • 3-D Rings
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Anti-panic Quick Connect Chest & Leg Straps
  • Tongue Buckle Torso Straps
  • Hip D-rings
  • Removable Tool Belt
  • Breathable foam back support material provides support while contouring to the individual's shape increasing overall comfort for extended use
  • Retro Reflective Torso Front, Back & Waist Strips on
  • Contractor Pro Hi-Viz
  • Comes in various sizes for a customized fit
  • Rated to 310 lbs. (140kg) working weight
  • CSA Certified

Benefits of our Harnesses

  • CSA Certification.  All our harnesses are CSA certified
  • Lanyard keepers on our harnesses provides the best combination of durability and performance.
  • Lanyard parks on our lanyard hooks are Located on the hook of all our lanyards. Extra lanyard is available when the lanyard park on the harness breaks.
  • Foam lined backpads, made with a combination of a foam material and a breathable mesh fabric, are available. The foam padding provides support but moves with the body as you bend and turn. The mesh fabric is breathable and allows perspi- ration to dry quickly. This combination provides additional comfort and performance for extended use.
  • Plastic ends are located at the end of the harness straps prevents the web material from fraying and allows the user to grab the ends to tighten the strap even with work gloves.
  • Quick connect buckles are available in either steel or aluminum with anti-panic latches that require the user to push the clips forward to open. They provide extra security in a fall situation.
  • Friction adjustment are optional adjustments which allow for quick and simple sizing adjustment when needed.
  • Inspection tag covers are sewn onto all our harnesses. They are 360° covers made of heavy duty nylon and provide complete protection of all inspection tags against the elements such as sun, dirt, rain, snow, oils, etc. Velcro closures allow for an easy viewing of inspection tags.
  • Custom harness imprinting is available at an extra charge with a minimum quantity purchase. Promote your company brand and identify your employees working on a site with multiple contractors!


Contractor Pro Harness


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