These Bradley faucet-mount eyewash mounts to standard or gooseneck type faucets. Simply remove existing faucet aerator and replace with faucet mount eyewash aerator adapter. The adapter on this unit is 55/64” x 27 thread (male) but includes two additional adapters to fit most faucets, 13/16” x 27 thread (male) and 15/16” x 27 thread (male).

Features include:

  • Twin sprayheads include a flow control and pop-off dust covers.
  • Unit activates by an actuator pin on adapter.
  • When pin is in closed position, faucet can be used for normal operation.
  • Eyewash includes a safety sign and inspection tag.
  • ANSI Z358.1-2004 Standards. SEI Certified.

Faucet Mount Eyewash

Sku: FBS19-200B-F

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