These high quality wall or stand mountable AED cabinets are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Complete with a two-tone audible alarm and a visual alert featuring flashing red LED lights configured to activate when the cabinet cover is opened or when the AED is removed.
  • Integrated luminosity sensor illuminates the AED compartment with flashing white LED lights in low light conditions to maximize cabinet visibility.
  • The ventilation fan system option circulates air throughout the cabinet; temperature sensor triggers
  • A flashing red light alert for temperatures above 40° C (104° F). 
  • The convection heating system option automatically activates to maintain the AED operational requirements in temperatures as low as -20° C (-4° F); temperature sensor triggers a flashing red light alert for temperatures below 5° C (41° F). 
  • Dimensions: 38.7 x 42.2 x 19.8 cm (15 1/4” x 16 5/8” x 7 15/16”).

AIVIA 200 Wall Cabinet (Indoor/Outdoor)

Sku: DCAV-200

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