Inspections-Replacements for Quebec Roadside Hazard Preparedness Kit

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Download your Roadside Kit Inspection Form here

Roadside Kit

FEFS Shovel with knock down handle (Qty:1) 1
FABC Booster Cables, 10 gauge x 10' (Qty:1) 1
FLWM Matches (Qty:1 box) 1
FLCD Candle 2
TWV-E Economy Safety Vest 1
TDF-R Roadside Triangle (Qty: 2) 2


Nylon SOS/Auto Red Bag, 42 x 32.5 x 24cm (Qty: 1) 1


Economy Industrial Flashlight (Qty: 1) 1
FFL-89710402 D-cell Heavy Duty Battery (2/Package) 2
GR650-U Leather Palm Gloves with Knit Wrist, Dozen (Qty: 1 pair) 1 pair

Quebec Add-On Kit

FGCP-10.0cm Bandages, Compress, 10x10cm / 4x4" 2
FBFS-R Bandages, Fabric Strip, 7.5x2.5cm / 3x1"  5
FBFT Bandages, Triangular with pins 2
FCBK-Guide Book, First Aid Pocket Guide, Bilingual 1
FGP-10.0cm-100 Gauze Pads, 10x10cm / 4x4"  5
FGR-10/9.0 Gauze Roll, 10cmx9m / 4"x10yd  1
FGR-5.0/9.0 Gauze Roll, 5cmx9m / 2"x10yd  1
FSP Safety Pins  12
FSSB-Large Scissors, Bandage, 14cm / 5.6" 1
FTC-2.5/9.0 Tape, Cloth, 2.5cm x 9m (1" x 10yd) 1
FAWA Wipes, Alcohol  5