Inspections for Manitoba First Aid Room

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FKMBR Complete Manitoba First Aid Room
FCMC-V2 Container, Metal Cabinet, Vertical 1
FKMB-Nylon First Aid Kit - Manitoba. Nylon Case 4
FABB Bags, Bio-Hazard Waste 2
BES-P23 Basin, Plastic Emesis, 23cm / 9" 1
BWB Basin, Wash, Stainless Steel, 3L 2
FSBB-Foil Blanket, Foil Rescue  1
FCBK-Accident-S Book, Accident Record  1
CSC-CAdj Cervical Collar, Adjustable 1
FCCP-Small Cold Pack, Instant, Small 1
WDPR-WD Cup Dispenser for disposable cups, Wall Mounted 1
WDPR-CC Cups, Cone, Paper, 118ml / 4oz  200
FADS-500ml Dettol Antiseptic Solution, 500ml 1
FFDF-Large Forceps, Dressing, 14cm / 5.6" 1
FFSS-S Forceps, Straight Splinter, 11.5cm / 4.6" 1
FCHP-H Hot Pack, Instant 1
FISG   Instrument Sterilizer, 2% Glutaraldehyde, 4L / 4.2 qt 1
FLMP-L01 Lamp, Magnifying, Portable with Table Clamp 1
FFL Lights, Flashlight, 3D Orange CSA 1
FSBP-SB Spine Board, Plastic, 45cmx1.84m / 18"x2yd 1
FSWS Splints, Wooden, Assorted  6
FSBP-S5 Straps, Restraint, Swivel Speed Clip and Buckle 1
FSS-Stretcher Stretcher, Single Fold Pole  1
THOR-OT Thermometer, Oral 1
FATD Tongue Depressors  100
FWSTR Waste Container, Step-On, 17L 1
MSBP-AS Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Adult 1
MSST-R Stethoscope, Single Head 1
  Paper Towels (roll) 1


DCG5B Defibrillator Battery 1
DCG5F-P-E Defibrillator Package (with cabinet) 1
DCG5AP Defibrillator Pads 1
DCG5APC Defibrillator Pads w/ CPR Feedback Device 1
FESP1-1L Eyewash Station, 1 L (33 oz), 1 Filled Bottle 1
FEAB-1L Eyewash with Bottle and Eye Cup, IL 2
FGCP-10.0cm Bandages, Compress, 10x10cm / 4x4" 4
FGCP-15.0cm Bandages, Compress, 15x15cm / 6x6" 2
FBRC Beds, Roll Away Cot with Foam Mattress, 75cm / 30" 1
FBBD-10.0cm Burn Dressing, 10x10cm / 4x4" 1
FBBD-5/15 Burn Dressing, 5x15cm / 2x6" 1
FBG-Q25 Burn Gel Packets, 3.5g / 0.13oz  1
FEAC Eye Cup, Plastic 1
FACS-25g First Aid Cream, 25g 2
BIT-IT Instrument Tray Kit 1
FAMC-OCGW Mask, CPR Compact with O2 Inlet and Case 1
FSP Safety Pins  12
FSSB-Large Scissors, Bandage, 14cm / 5.6" 1
FSS-Bag Stretcher Bag for Single Fold Pole Stretcher 1
FSS-Cabinet Stretcher Cabinet for Single Pole Stretcher 1
FTWC-2.5/4.5 Tape, Waterproof and Spooled, 2.5cmx4.5m / 1"x5yd 2
FST-10/4.5 Tensor Bandages, Elastic Support, 10cmx4.5m / 4"x5yd 2
FBZK Wipes, BZK Antiseptic Towelettes  100
FSEAL-PP Woundseal 1
GDNT-Large Gloves, Non-Latex, Disposable 10
SEWS-3D Eye Wash Sign 1