Cool Grip Kevlar Carbon Fiber Reinforced Gloves (6 pairs)


Kevlar fiber is renowned for its incredible heat-resistant properties. It will not melt or drip when exposed to open flame, making it the material of choice for high-heat applications. Carbon fiber is the same, and even exceeds Kevlar when it comes to direct flame. So our new CoolGrip string-knit gloves featuring a 50/50 blend of each are a heat-resistant miracle.

The presence of carbon fiber allows the gloves to withstand extreme open-flame exposure without charring, burning or cracking. Neither Kevlar nor carbon will support combustion. A 100% wool knit terry liner traps air for added insulation. This glove-within-a-glove design provides exceptionally high heat holdout, yet is comfortable and dexterous. Gloves are comfortable and allow a full range of hand motion during tasks involving thermal contact. Available in two wrist lengths: regular, and extended, for greater forearm protection. The heat-resistant revolution is here, with gloves that offer full heat protection and unprecedented dexterity. Qty: 6 pair.

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